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Important - New Desktop Customers - Watch the video below to complete installation and device mounting.

Over time if your micro-suction disk seems to lose its tacky feel take a piece of scotch tape and tap the front of it lightly to remove the dirt/oil that builds up.  It will immediately regain that same original tacky feel. 

I-View Charging Station Desktop - Generation II Installation

Below are the step-by-step instructions for the generation I product that has been discontinued.  We are keeping the instructions on the website to service our existing customers.  Thank you for your continued support of our products!!

photo 3.JPG

The unit comes with - A charging station/organizer, six outlet surge protector, one back cover, three small suction cups, three large suction cups, three support cradles, and three extra pieces of dual lock (NOTE - The back cover is shipped with protective film on both sides).

Step One - Place the surge protector inside of the unit with tip starting at the base and the cord end angled up toward the top left hand corner.

Step Two - Slide the cord side in around the top left hand corner. IMPORTANT - Do not force the surge protector inside the unit. Gently pull the cord back and it will fall inside of the top left hand corner.

Step Three - Let the surge protector rest on the bottom of the organizer with the cord angled out the middle/side of the unit.

Step Four - Feed the charger wire from the back through the front of the organizer. Leave extra cord so that you can easily plug in to your device.

Step Five - Wrap the wire around the closest cord wrap.

Step Six - Tie a light knot on the last wrap and pull the cord tight.

Step Seven - Leave enough cord to reach the surge protector.

Step Eight - Plug the adapter into the surge protector. If USB style, then go to the next step. If not, go to step 14.

Step Nine - If applicable, plug the USB cord into the adapter. Plug the surge protector into a wall outlet, and turn the surge protector on.

Step Ten - Peel the protective backing off of both sides of the back cover.

Step Eleven - NOTE: route any wires needed for the top shelf prior to this step as the cover will occupy this opening when installed.  Slide cover in between the opening in the top of the until it makes contact with the base of the dock as pictured below.

Step Twelve - Slide the cover between the opening in the top of the unit per step six above.  NOTE: the picture above does not show the USB plug extending through the opening in the back cover, but in some cases the plug will protrude through this opening. Note: make sure the surge protector cord is not pinched and behind the cover.

Alternatively, the surge protector can be left outside of the unit in the event that you need the extra wire to get to the closest outlet.